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Understand deep profiles around people, places and locations, geo-tied to their digital footprint and offline behaviours.

Unlock the power of data, with real-time movement analytics and actionable insights.


We link real-world behaviors, attributes, and demographics with people’s online interests and buying habits.

We publish our data in LinkLakefor analytics, segmentation, & marketing activation across digital platforms.

Michael Peel – Chief Technical Officer

Lightspeed – LinkLake
Mobile Data Analysis

DigiFish ‘LightSpeed’ is a revolutionary new approach to customer analysis for business.

Track and trace people through space and time, through real time people movement data. Published in LinkLake and interactive mapping platform. Identify location movement insights, unique leads, and competitor analysis.



Mobile Devices



Movement Records

Data Integrity LinkLake

Privacy & Security by Design


DigiFish Approach

DigiFish as part of its core ISO 27001 Information Security Management System compliance considers the Consumer as an ‘Interested Party’ in its business operations. As such they have legal and consideration rights in the handling, storage, use and disclosure of their information by DigiFish. We therefore have designed our Information Security Compliance and Privacy Compliance program to protect the Consumer as an Interested Party.

Privacy at Source

Contractual Warranty

Contributors contractually warrant that all data supplied is compliant in respect of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and any data Use Case. In addition, Use Case compliance is  required for GDPR – Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations, CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act and Cross Boarder Data Protection.


Contributor Audits

DigiFish performs Contributor onboarding and annual audits of its Contributors by contributed dataset. A detailed audit is performed ensuring all aspects of data collection compliance standards are me and all proposed data Use Case compliance has been given by the Consumer.


Up and Down Stream Loop

DigiFish has in place an up and down stream opt-out process enabling a Consumer to enter a data flow process at any point from point of collection with the Contributor to end use with the End User and request that all parties in the data flow be informed and comply with an opt-out request.

Self Serve – LinkLake™

Data Ingestion

For those clients who seek to have 100 % control of data sourcing, ingestion, analytics and activation channels DigiFish provides its dataset as a monthly data extract supplied to your specification to be ingested into your platform of choice.

Typically, you’re are a Tier 1 / 2 business with a large marketing analytics and activation team. You have a sophisticated data platform , marketing strategy and multi-touch multi-channel activation path set.

Platform as a Service

DigiFish provides clients with a full Platform as a Service populated with the LinkLake dataset.

The DigiFish LinkLake platform lets you upload and mange your customer base, perform data enhancement by matching to LinkLake , perform targeting analysis and activate campaigns through multiple communication channels on multiple channel types.

Typically, you’re are a Tier 2 / 3 business with a seeking a sophisticated data analytics, modeling and activation platform  to implement your marketing strategy and multi-touch multi-channel activation path set.

LinkLake Data Summary

Device ID’s – 18+ million monthly

Mobile Advertising Device IDs collected from phones and tablets

Daily Movement Updates – 10+ billion records monthly

Location data x/y collected with the MAID’s (Mobile Advertising ID’s).

Consumers – 16+ million people

Australian Consumer file with associated contact details addressed, mobiles and emails.

DigiFish Audience Segments – 1500+ active (over 7000+ available)

Consumer attributes and demographics, plus lifestyle, wealth status, grocery bucket and discretional spend intent.

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